I’m a software engineer and father of one. I have always loved plants, ever since as a young kid I converted my room into a greenhouse by taping plastic over the windows and bringing tables in to fill the space with pots. Now, I like to garden and landscape around the yard, as well as grow things in the closet.

I love to experiment with growing plants of all types, especially in the dreary winter. I typically do more with vegetative propagation in my closet “grow room” for such experiments, but in the summer I’m in the garden as many hours as my wife is willing to put up with.




In particular, I like:

  • native landscaping/native growing
  • permaculture
  • traditional landscaping
  • sustainable landscaping
  • propagation
  • exotic plants
  • seed collection

I live in Brier, Washington, which is located about 20 miles north of Seattle.