Six on Saturday- 03/23

Another “Six on Saturday” – thanks to, the originator, for the inspiration!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done one of these but I’m glad to get back into it – the weather plays a big role here!

Weather wise, it’s been loopy – from a crazy freaky cold winter to a very quick jump into unseasonably high near 80s, it’s now getting back to normal 60s here, with lots of sun. Truth be told, I look forward to rain, which is more common this time, but I’m loving this amazingly perfect weather nonetheless.

1. Seedlings checkup

Below are arugula ‘rocket’ but several more flats of seedlings are up and ready to be transplanted into my new mini greenhouses – just waiting to get a truck to haul in all the soil I’ll need!

2. Camellia blooming

My tree sized camelia is now blooming. My daughter likes to pick them all off. I often argue about it, but there are so many it doesn’t really matter. I’ll have to snap a pick of it in its glory. One of the very established shrubs that came with the our property.

3. Aloe vera repot

It’s gotten rather large in the grow chamber, so now I’m putting it in a nice decorative clay pot.

4. Lupine year two

The first year these lupine spent fattening up the roots. I grew these from seed. They have very deep and thick taproots – I found out after moving some to a different bed. I think that’s why they don’t flower – they seem to spend a lot of time prepping. The second year is when they flower I’ve read, so, look out for some photos in the next few months ;). Also of note, a slight variation of this lupine grows wild in the higher elevation mountains of Washington. I’ve seen them abound on hikes – the butterflies love them.

5. Moving out, Planting out

Lot of things need to get planted out. Some are in the mini greenhouses, seen below. I put my giant hyssop I grew from seed indoors, outdoors, after hardening off in here. Now it goes all the way out. Same story for some perennial Chinese poppy. I also planted out some artichokes, seen here, in some sunny spots of the beds.

6. Moringa repot

This cool little tree is root bound again already. I grew it from seeds I got on etsy. Everywhere I’ve read say it takes off in summer, several feet per year early on – so I’m excited to keep it outside! I’m still not quite ready to put it out – I’m sure it will do fine but they are very tropical so I don’t want to encourage dormancy behavior. Soon though!

That’s all for now, until next week- enjoy the garden!

17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday- 03/23

  1. Looking good. I’ve got lots of houseplant repotting to do but need to sort out pots.
    My camelias have started flowering. Sure I’ll feature mine in a week or two on my six. Yours looks to be pretty free of frost damage whereas I always get a bit of edge browning.

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  2. The only problem with being a plant obsessed propagation is finding somewhere for all the new plants. I have reduced my propagating the last few years as I don’t have enough time but your triumphs may inspire me otherwise. Lupine leaves are just the best

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    1. That sounds like something I would say 🤣 I’ve slowed down a bit, but I’m trying my hand at selling some (to maybe buy a greenhouse!) I’ve also gotten more into exotics as they present a challenge that takes more effort but reduces the volume of plants Hehe

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  3. The Moringa is beautiful! I think I’ll ask my sister to bring me some seeds (she’s in India for a vacation right now). I googled to learn more about this plant and the leaves are edible, or we can use a powder extracted from the leaves, used for herbal teas.

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      1. If not, I bet you could buy them online, assuming shipping to your country is ok – I’ve bought several types of seeds from this seller and they are really quick, well priced, and have a good germination rate on several different types of plants:

        I’ve also used “worldwondergardens” and “seedvilleusa” on etsy with mixed results – some great, some never germinated.

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      1. We moved from western North Carolina to Bremerton and then Port Orchard where I grew up. I lived in Seattle for years. I moved to Asheville, North Carolina in 2006.

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  4. Great! I am growing lupins ( we don’t do the “e” here for some reason) from seed this year, they are doing ok but still small. I was hoping for flowers this year but perhaps not based on your experience. I’ll make do with the leaves which are also good, especially when they capture a drop of water like yours.

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    1. According to this article, they “flower the following spring like foxgloves”. But I found the leaves were really cool last year – and they got rather large!

      Also of note:

      Regarding the “e”… I’ve also wondered that myself. Is it pronounced “loo-pin” over there? I always say (perhaps incorrectly) “loo-pine”.


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