Grow chamber cart ~v1.5

So lately, I have been focusing my efforts on creating a self-contained "grow cart" that I can use for more exotic plants. In my previous attempts at winter indoor growing, I mostly optimized for maximizing the number of plants I could grow in a given location. That is not as realistic, and not as fun … Continue reading Grow chamber cart ~v1.5

Growing options for the winter, a conundrum

This post is meant to chronicle my journey and research, and perhaps inform others about what to expect when trying to setup an all year growing area. There are several options I've found, yet each one is lacking in a significant way, making it challenging to determine exactly what you should do. I'm not an … Continue reading Growing options for the winter, a conundrum

Gearing up for winter – seed experiments

It's down to freezing temperatures at night over here, and this provides a kick in the pants to bring all the tender perennials in, and wrap up the little chores here and there (some last minute pruning, cleanup of herbaceous perennials, and last bits of raking). But the desire to grow and to garden persists … Continue reading Gearing up for winter – seed experiments