Six on Saturday

Another “Six on Saturday” – thanks to, the originator, for the inspiration!

The weather in the Seattle area has been hot, hot, hot, and dry, dry, dry. Today it’s sprinkling off and on, a welcome reprieve. I’ve been pretty careful not to sound alarmist, but most of Eastern and parts of southern WA are considered near drought, and we’re classified as being “abnormally dry”. That has certainly been the case, and if not for daily watering, I would have lost a lot of the new plants I bought or planted this year. The established plants also show signs of stress – leaves are dropping early as if fall, and my established fruit trees are looking to be a wash this year – high numbers are mostly aborted. We’ve also had bouts of smoky air from larger fires in California. Last year was the same, but the fires came from Canada. We have our own small patches in the Cascades but in the last few years we seem to be hemmed in from both sides.

Anyway, on to the six!

1. Trachelium ‘purple’

This is a bit more of an eclectic perennial that I got this year in a four inch pot. The leaves are equally appealing and give great contrast to other around it.

Splendid foliage

2. Mixed Dahlia’s

These have been very slow to bloom, and often don’t really shine until late summer to fall. Given the temperate nature of the PNW, what I usually think of as clearly delineated seasons is often blurred. I find many plants still going well into late October. There are many many bulbs and seeds ready to bloom in the coming weeks.

This is an annual Dahlia grown from seed. Dahlia Variabilis ‘Dandy’

3. Amaranth – in bloom

I featured the amaranth in an earlier sos, but I don’t think it had flowered. This plant works double duty, as both flowers and foliage are enticing in their own right. I grew these from seed planted around in late March. It’s a shame they will die off in winter. Maybe self sowing, we’ll see!

4. Bamboo rhizomes

If you recall an older post, I dug up some golden and black bamboo from my neighbors yard. I also cut up some rhizomes and planted those. Both with and without culms already have shoots coming up, and it’s growing fast. I’m sort of half considering starting a little bamboo side business given how fast it grows and how popular it is.

5. Sunflowers

I scattered many around (and my bird seed has also found it’s way around the yard) which has resulted in sunflowers starting to bloom in random pockets all over. Very small, but very pretty!

6. Unexpected clematis

I wrote this off for the year. It hasn’t bloomed at all, then one day I found this single bloom, seemingly out of nowhere. I used up all my fertilizer in an attempt to get rid of old stock until next year, it’s entirely possible that was the culprit. I’ve been pretty lax about fertilizing this year, so everything has taken a lot longer to bloom.

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. Amaranth are so pretty flowers … I also have green ones and I hope, like you, they will sow themselves next spring. (I think to keep seeds in case …) Nice first picture of Trachelium otherwise.


  2. Hello from Australia! We are definitely in drought here with a probably hot summer ahead of us. I love that Trachelium- I don’t think it’s well-known here at all. Fabulous colour.


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