Microscopic propagation cuts – shears or scalpel?

I've read or otherwise heard debate on how to cut cuttings... typically this centers around angle and location of cut, primarily for root formation. However, I've also heard smaller discussion around the tools used to prepare the cutting. This involves two methods: traditional scissors or shears (bypass pruners), which make a shearing cut, or scalpel/knife, … Continue reading Microscopic propagation cuts – shears or scalpel?

Big growth updates

I've been a bit off the radar, but I've gotten carried away and updating things on a per plant basis is just impossible. I'm going to start updating the overall sections of my grow area instead, and focus on more prominent highlights. To start, the two flowering Spirea are growing up and over their pot, … Continue reading Big growth updates

Inspiration realized – grass and flowers

On a whim, I've decided to find cool ideas I like online (in picture form) and give examples of how to achieve either the exact same look, or something really similar, with links to Amazon (or wherever appropriate to buy/shop) To start, here's a fantastic combination I plan to try: The above is definitely something … Continue reading Inspiration realized – grass and flowers

Closet grow space redux – we have liftoff!

After a slow, and frankly disheartening lack of progress, I am happy to announce that growth has really picked up on just about everything in my closet grow space. Certainly it had not been dying, it just seemed... in stasis. Obvious signs of renewed vigor across many different species are now becoming apparent. I should … Continue reading Closet grow space redux – we have liftoff!