Morning update – the importance of being earnest

Morning! Today I wanted to spend some time showing some more zoomed in photos highlighting just what's going in some of these cuttings. Hopefully to inspire, but also to demonstrate why you shouldn't be quick to toss out or dismiss a plant that doesn't have obvious signs of life. Below are two Japanese maple cuttings … Continue reading Morning update – the importance of being earnest

Morning update

An exemplary Forsythia cutting that i took off some four foot bushes i recently bought. I'm going to do even more in spring. Side tangent, here's my protip for the day. If you're cheap like me, go to your local home improvement store garden center and check for a reduced section. At my Lowes, they … Continue reading Morning update

Morning update – not much, but rhododendron surprise

I didn't think I'd be updating so often, but it turns out blogging about things has a tendency to get me overly excited about what's probably a trivial topic. Anyhow, that's not much to report, but i did notice a few interesting things: I gave up on rooting rhododendrons (at least this time of year, … Continue reading Morning update – not much, but rhododendron surprise

Preview of closet propagation station

Here's what I've been up to... A surprisingly successful false maple (?) cutting. This had no leaves when stuck. Nepenthes in the back, and a bunch of misc. cuttings. Basil, mint, Euonymus, rhododendron, maple, strawberry... Overwintering my sage, and trying to propagate some rarish black bamboo from the neighbor. Wormwood seedlings in the front, and … Continue reading Preview of closet propagation station